DATE: May 6, 2016
TIME: 2:00 am
LOCATION: 200 Bathurst St, Toronto ON M5T 2R8
VENUE: Cherry Cola's Rock N' Rolla Cabaret Lounge
Cherry Cola’s May 6, 2016

Canadian Music Week 2016 welcomes WAXY!  It’s been three years since the bands last trip to the great city of Toronto… 

Do yourself a favor and check out what’s happening with the boys…


WAXY is a rock and roll band born and raised in the Southern California Desert.  The group has been all over the world and toured with Kyuss Lives, VolBeat, The John Garcia Band as well as several club tours throughout Europe and Australia.  With a new record set to be released in July of 2016 the band is frothing at the mouth to play their new material.


With the support of LA based distribution label Cobraside, WAXY has three shows in the heart of the city.


Contact: Robert Owen

(760) 409-0002 cell

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