Robert Owen

(Guitars & Vocals) is Waxy’s primary songwriter, producer and creative catalyst. While Robert is capable of being ferocious in his songwriting with riffs that will tear your head off, he also has a softer more gentle approach to writing. "With the infinite places to explore in music and songwriting, why pigeon hole yourself to just one style?  Music is a journey, a lifelong experience. Songwriting is a reflection of who you are.



(Bass) is the bands bass player and soul direction.  Deep, reflective, bad-ass.  Carlyn’s bass plays the essentials and brings an ‘on time’ feeling to her notes.  “I was drawn to WAXY because of the songwriting.  I knew the musicianship would elevate my playing but its also fun!”  Carlyn is the newest member of the band and a welcomed one.  She brings grace and style to the chemistry of the group while adding fire and grit to the rhythm. 



(Drums) is the bands drummer and foundation.  He’s played drums his entire life and brings and edge and phrasing unique unto the band.  Style, yes but it goes beyond that with him.  His playing has a musicality that only comes from years of experience and a desire to serve the song.  “I heard of WAXY from being in other bands and naturally gravitated towards it.  Robbie and I started talking about jamming and here I am.”  Tyler joined the group in 2019 and has become an integral part of the sound.  Ferocious, elegant, charisma….. all day long


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