Robert Owen

(Guitars & Vocals) is Waxy’s primary songwriter, producer and creative catalyst. While Robert is capable of being ferocious in his songwriting with riffs that will tear your head off, he also has a softer more gentle approach to writing. “With the infinite places to explore in music and songwriting, why pigeon hole yourself to just one style?  Music is a journey, a lifelong experience. Songwriting is a reflection of who you are.


Damian Lautiero

(Guitar and Vocals) is a Desert soul mate.  He’s a multi-instrumentalist and has played in many bands over the years including Polyphemus and Lung Cookie.  Damian has been writing songs from his earliest days of learning how to play and has music running through his veins.  “I really enjoy playing in WAXY because of its variety and musicality.  We’ve got our own thing going and that’s always attractive to me.”  Damian has a mean tone and a righteous approach.  Being a jammer as well Damian is always listening to whatever everyone else is playing and searches out pockets to throw his licks into.  


Jeff Bowman

(Drums) is a living legend in the Desert.  He’s been the drummer for Unsound for the past two decades and is a natural leader.  Jeff will also be playing drums for WAXY and the timing couldn’t be better…. “I’ve got a lot of things together in my life and have really been wanting to jam with friends that are making things happen.  The grooves in WAXY are very interesting to me….like making custom beats”  Jeff is a monster behind the kit and wild to watch.  He is a welcomed addition to the WAXY family.

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